K-12 Rememberance Day Units and Resources

Primary (Pre-K – Grade 3)

 Veterans Week Activities for grades 1-3 from the Veterans Affairs Canada

 2005 Remembrance Day Activities from the VAC

Junior (Grade 4-Grade 6)

 Veterans Week Activities for Grades 4-6 from VAC

 2005 Remembrance Day Activities for grades 4-6 from VAC

 Remembrance Day Worksheets Reproducible worksheets with a Remembrance Day theme

 We Remember Booklet A Remembrance Day unit for grades 4-6

 Remembrance Day Timeline Lesson Plan with a lesson about War and Peace

 Language Arts and Research Lesson plan for using the Internet to research Remembrance Day for grades 4-7

Intermediate (Grade 7-Grade 9)

  Veterans Week Activities for grades 7-9 from VAC

 2005 Remembrance Day Activitiesfor grades 7-9 from VAC

Senior (Grade 10-Grade 12)

 Veterans Week Activities for grades 10-12 from VAC

 2005 Remembrance Day Activities for grades 10-12 from VAC

Lest We Forget From Australia, but with many activities that are easily adaptable for any nation.

Veterans and Remembrance Day Celebrations A lesson plan tracing the history of Remembrance Day and Armistice Day celebrations around the world

Veterans Day Newspaper Geared to United States, but easily adaptable for Canadian history

General Resources

 Remembrance Day Coloring Pages

 Teachers Guide from the Canadian Legion with activities for all grade levels downloadable PDF

 An assortment of coloring pages for Remembrance Day

      Take Time to Remember

     The Peacekeeping Monument

     Dot to Dot Activity Sheet

 Remembrance Day Songs and Poems for K-3

 Canadians Remember In November Activity from Crayola (free registration required – access to 700 classroom activities)

Veterans Day Activities Many activities for all elementary levels. Focused on United States but many adaptable ideas