K-12 Physical Education Units and Resources

Primary (Pre-K – Grade 3)

 Introductory Games for K-2 students. Many more lesson plans and units on the Alberta Physical Education Online site

Pioneer Games Introduce students to games popular with pioneer and aboriginal children. Great theme idea to coordinate with a Canadian History or Pioneering theme unit

Orienteering  Send your class on a treasure hunt! Great lesson plan coordinates physical education with teaching how to use a map to locate landmarks and items. Another great lesson plan to use in conjuntion with a history or social studies theme unit

Not In My Backyard A fun game to play with younger students – throwing, running, catching and counting… all with an underlying environmental theme. Great phys ed activity to use with an Earth Day theme unity

Warming Up Start teaching good exercise habits early. This lesson teaches the importance of warming up before exercising.

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Junior (Grade 4-Grade 6)

  Dance to Fitness Capitalize on great music and rhythm to get kids moving and coordinated

Lifetime Wellness  Students learn the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle for health and fitness

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Fitness Fever Teach students the connection between taking care of their bodies, physical activities and self esteem

Exercise for Good Health Coordinated theme unit to use in conjunction with language arts, social studies and othe subject areas. Students research the concept of exercise and physical fitness and prepare reports on what they’ve learned

Intermediate (Grade 7-Grade 9)

  Active Living  Develop healthy, active habits that last a lifetime

 Personal and Social Responsibility Teach students about safety and personal and social responsibility through class activities

 Shoot A Perfect Foul Shot Integrate PE with math and science in a theme unit that teaches calculating angles and arcs and basketball at the same time

Softball Unit Teaches the rules of softball, as well as teamwork and concepts of rules and responsibilities

International Folk Dance Unit A great series of lessons to use in conjunction with a Diversity theme being taught in other subjects.

Senior (Grade 10-Grade 12)

Weight Lifting for Physical Fitness A unit plan for physical education teachers and coaches. Emphasizes weight training and healthy workouts as a way to stay fit and healthy

Another Weightlifting Unit Includes print-out sheets for goal-setting and self evaluation

General Resources

 Planning a PE Program An excellent resource with information about planning Physical Education programs and themes

 Alberta Physical Education Online Lesson plans and other teacher resources

 BC Integrated Resource Packages Physical Education Standards and suggesitions

General PE Lessons For all levels and abilities Great resource for unusual ideas for physical education classes

Summer Olympics Hold a Summer Olympics event for all grades and levels of abilities

Games Kids Play A rich resource for all teachers looking for something different. Games Kids Play has instructions for playing hundreds of different games of all types. Some quick ideas for coordinating physical education with overall curriculum theme might include choosing games like Blind Man’s Bluff and Marco Polo during Disability Awareness Week, or use the International Games to support a Cultural Diversity theme unit.

Non-Traditional Gymnastics Voted Top 5% of the Web, this site maintained by physical education teacher John Williams is an excellent resource for teaching gymnastics to students of all developmental abilities. Includes lesson plans and unit ideas for integrating physical education across the curriculum

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