K-12 New Year Units and Resources

Primary (Pre-K – Grade 3)

 DLTK Calendars for Kids Printable custom calendar designer in black and white or color. Not a lesson plan – but definitely deserving of special mention. The design process is easy enough for older primaries to create their own from dozens of choices, or you can design and print out the pages for a coloring/learning unit of the year and time.

 DLTK New Years Crafts for primary grades, includes printables and instructions, recipes and more

Ringing in the New Year Activities for pre-K to Kindergarten using bells for math, social studies, language arts and other activities all about celebreating the New Year

New Years Around the World

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 A full Social Studies unit that explores cultures through their New Years celebrations. Geared toward 3rd graders

Enchanted New Years Craft projects for elementary students

Happy Birthday, New Year! Literally dozens of projects, lessons, crafts and activity ideas for a birthday party for the New Year aimed at the earlier grades

Welcome New Year Full theme unit for kindergarten classroom includes lessons and activities for all centers

Around the World Five lesson plans that fit together to give a unique overview of how the New Year is welcomed around the world, and form a basis for comparison with our own celebrations

Junior (Grade 4-Grade 6) 

 Russian New Year Appreciate another culture with this theme unit on Russian New Year. Includes printable sheets for story starters, reading comprehension and math

Diwali – A Different Kind of New Year A mini-unit on the Hindu Diwali. Fits well into a New Year Around the World week

Tet – New Year In Vietnam A mini-unit on Vietnamese New Year

A Cricket In Times square A web quest to accompany the novel

New Years Activities including reproducible word games and coloring pages, language arts activities and discussion topics for older grades

Intermediate (Grade 7-Grade 9)

 Time, Clocks and Calendars New Years’ is the perfect time to study clocks and calendars. Unit includes instructions for making several kinds of clocks and a project to design a new calendar for the future

Lunar Time Another perfect tie-in for New Years and time is this lesson plan from the Discovery Channel that ties math, science and thinking skills together as kids learn how to measure time by the light of the moon.

Eat Healthy In The New Year A unit on healthy eating that fits well with a New Years resolution theme

Senior (Grade 10-Grade 12)

New Years’ Resolutions writing activity adaptable to many grade levels.Includes self-assessment, pre-writing activities

Year In Review At the end of the year, the entire world looks back on the previous year and many publications publish a ‘year in review’ issue. This section has links to the current ‘year’ pages for several major news sites that you can use as a springboard for a ‘Year in Review’ project for your Senior classes.
Time Magazine Special Reports
CNN Special Reports Includes links to archives for previous years
Newsweek This Week
 Teacher Resource for Newsweek Magazine with archives available, includes lesson plans and ideas for teaching using each issue of Newsweek as a resource.
 Canadian Geographic Online specials with information resources on all articles

General Resources

New Year’s Eve with Crayola Activities, coloring pages and arts and crafts ideas, most geared to younger grades, but lots here for everyone

New Years Coloring Pages Easy to use and print coloring pages for book covers, activities etc

New Years Activity Pages Dozens of activity pages, printables, worksheets, word finds and quizzes for grades K-8 at EduPlace

New Years Resolutions A Listen-Read-Think activity for middle grades up about New Years resolutions

New Years’ Info Worth a visit for some interesting New Years trivia. Did you know that the Tournament of Roses once included Roman Chariot Races? That the Babyloninans celebrated for 11 days? Approximately sixth grade reading level with lots of interesting facts to check out