K-12 Kwanzaa Units and Resources

Primary (Pre-K – Grade 3)

 Kwanzaa Activites from DTLK-kids. Printables, crafts, worksheets, recipes and coloring pages

A Cultural Celebration A four lesson unit about the principles and history behind Kwanzaa

A Spiritual Holiday A mini-unit with lesson summaries, suggested texts, references and exercises

Kwanzaa Multidiscipline, cross curriculum full unit of study for Kwanzaa, includes grading rubric and resources for further exploration

Kwanzaa Mini Unit Making a kinara, discussion of themes, worksheets and more for Grades 1-3

Habari Gani? Excellent suggestions on ways to bring Kwanzaa into the classroom. Includes activities, suggested resources and reading, and brief lesson suggestions in all subjects for primary grades

Kwanzaa Theme Facts, discussion, crafts and activities for teaching about Kwanzaa

Kwanzaa Crafts for primary and junior students

Kwanzaa: Unity Within Community Complete theme unit includes handouts and printable worksheets

Pre-K – Kindergarten Kwanzaa Winter holday page with ideas for Kwanzaa themed activities in all learning centers

Junior (Grade 4-Grade 6)

  Kwanzaa activities including worksheets, craft instructions, coloring pages and word puzzles for classroom use

Mini-Lesson: The Gifts of Kwanzaa 

Kadijah’s Kwanzaa Site Information and activities. Great reading and sharing grades 3 and up

Kwanzaa Crafts Includes printable books, coloring pages, crafts to make, prompted writing exercises and related resources on African geography and history

Kwanzaa Worksheets Math, language arts, social studies work sheets to support a unit on Kwanzaa

Kwanzaa Unit Reading comprehension, word puzzles, math sheets, language arts activities for Grades 4-5

Mrs. Donn’s Kwanzaa Lessons Lessons, activities and resources on African American culture and Kwanzaa

Kids Domain Kwanzaa Resources include online information, games, activities and printable worksheets

Intermediate (Grade 7-Grade 9)

What is Kwanzaa? A short single lesson for intermediate students

Propserity – A lesson plan based on the board game Prosperity, with questions and activities to encourage discussion and thinking about business, equity, symbolism and business as it relates specifically to the African experience

Senior (Grade 10-Grade 12)

Time Traveler A thought provoking unit for use in conjunction with Kwanzaa. Honoring the past, building strong families, community through unity and self-determination are all central to the celebration of Kwanzaa. This unit leads students through creating an oral history through family interviews and sharing. The focus is not on diversity nor on Kwanzaa, but rather on the principles underlying the creation of family and community.

General Resources

The Official Kwanzaa Web Site A wealth of information for teachers and students

CNN on Kwanzaa Collection of resources and articles about Kwanzaa on CNN

Kwanzaa Exhibit from the History Channel

Rites of Passage Kwanzaa page with a great deal of information. Ideal to share with Intermediate and Senior students for research and affirmation. Discussion of symbols and rituals

Story Creation Online story creator for younger grades

Kwanzaa Recipes for use with Kwanzaa unit.