K-12 Hanukkah Units and Resources

Primary (Pre-K – Grade 3)

 Hanukah Crafts and Lessons from DLTK-kids. Includes printables, arts and crafts, themed games and puzzles for classroom use in conjunction with teaching about Hanukkah

Hanukat – The Maker of Miracles Printable storybooks and related activities for young children with reading comprehension activities

Ahklah Hanukkah Learning Pages Resources, activities, recipes and traditions for a Hanukkah unit

Hanukkah Activities and Story Activities, arts and crafts projects, recipes and stories for K-3 students

Coloring Pages and Activities Some of the best coloring pages I’ve seen for a Hanukkah theme. Lots of material for discussion

Hanukkah Materials and Lessons from ABCTeach.com. Includes worksheets, writing paper, unit organizers. Some resources only available to members

Blue Monday and Hanukkah Lesson for teaching about traditional Jewish holidays, includes sample lesson plan for lesson on Hanukkah, using a puppet to reinforce and encourage reading responses and discussion

Web Holidays Chanukah Resources Printables, arts and crafts, learning activities mostly geared to Primary grades, though some can be adapted for older classrooms

What Is Hanukkah? A mini-unit for primary students about Hanukkah and religious holidays.

Junior (Grade 4-Grade 6)

 Hanukkah – The Festival of Lights Complete cross-curriculum lesson plan for teaching about Hanukkah

Hanukkah Theme Unit from Teach-nology.net. Includes printable worksheets, vocabulary lists, books and more

Hanukkah Work Sheets Teach-nology.net printable worksheets for Hanukkah theme all in one place. Easy downloads

Happy Hanukkah Theme Unit Includes dozens of activities, printables, and lesson ideas for grades 2-6. Most are aimed at older students, all are adaptable

Hanukkah Activities and Lesson Plans includes printables, references, activities and lessons in language arts, social studies and art

Chanukah Web Quest for 6th graders. Includes research activities and questions, as well as resources

A Story of Hanukkah Five days of lessons around a Chanukah theme using the books Elijah’s Angel and The Christmas Menorahs – How a Town Fought Hate

Intermediate (Grade 7-Grade 9)

  Complete Hanukkah Theme Unit Includes activities and lessons for multi-grade levels.

 Oy Hanukkah! Music lesson plan with resources and links for connecting songs and dance to other areas of study and research about Hanukkah

 Senior (Grade 10-Grade 12)

Chanukah Guide Not a lesson plan, per se. An excellent resource for teaching older students about Hanukkah, in history and in the modern world. A great deal of material for reflection, discussion and learning.

General Resources

 Hannukah Links and Resources mostly for primary and junior students

Hanukkah Around the World A comprehensive list of links to resources to use for research, lesson planning and sharing with students. Geared to older students, Intermediate and Senior