K-12 Cooperative Games Units and Resources

Primary (Pre-K – Grade 3) nim s island free download

Learning to Give Using group games to build a sense of community and unity amongprimary students

Group Games from the Past A theme unit of games from the past that foster community and cooperation

Two Cooperative Games from Arthur and Friends

Cooperative Games A full week of cooperative games activities. Click back to the K-2 calendar for three more weeks of cooperative games lesson plans

Junior (Grade 4-Grade 6) 

Cooperative Field Day Culmination of a cross curriculum cooperative learning unit. Includes descriptions of several activities for the field day

13 Cooperative Games Instant games that need little equipment, little teacher involvement and keep kids moving to build teamwork

Challenge Lessons superhero movie dvdrip download  Activities that challenge students to learn teamwork and cooperation

Six Cooperative Games for 3-5th graders. Some can be simplified for younger students

Thirty Week Unit Calendar Includes six weeks of different cooperative games activities. Click on week for individual lesson plans

ruins the divx movie online Integrating Writing into PE A unique physical education plan that focuses on building teams and cooperative units while incorporating writing and language arts into physical education

Intermediate (Grade 7-Grade 9)

Cooperative Mini-Games Unit Several games that focus on cooperation and team building rather than competition, with assessment and evaluation rubrics

Thirty Week Unit Plan Includes five weeks of cooperative games. Click on week for individual lesson plans by day

Senior (Grade 10-Grade 12)

Popcorn Machine and Team Walkers – while the lesson plan calls for special equipment, it is adaptable for use with any large soft balls. Great cooperative games for teaching team coordination and cooperation.

General Resources

Outrageous Outdoor Games download stop loss divx  Lots of cooperative and non-competitive games to choose from for all levels

The Hungry Snake A cooperative game for younger students\

The Great Games List Hundreds of games at Fun Attic. A great resource to find new games to work into classroom planing

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