K-12 Chinese New Year Units and Resources

Primary (Pre-K – Grade 3)

Chinese New Year – 3-day lesson plan for Grades 2-3

Chinese New Year Theme Unit written for Grade 2.

Chinese New Year Activities Links to arts and crafts, decorations, worksheets, coloring pages and resources for primary students. Some suitable for Junior learners as well

Arts, Crafts and Printable Books for Chinese New Years classroom activities. An excellent resource for worksheets, craft instructions and information on China, Chinese New Year, the Chinese calendar and Chinese numbers

Chinese Zodiac Language arts, listening and social culture lessons using the animals of the Chinese Zodiac to explain symbolism

Activity Pages Reproducible activity pages for use with Chinese New Year lessons

Chinese New Year Lesson Plan includes background resources and four days of activities for Primary students

Junior (Grade 4-Grade 6)

Chinese New Year Activities Excellent background information on festivities, customs and traditions, and three craft activities to do with your class

Chinese New Year Webquest Four webquests in one, covering different aspects of Chinese New Year. Complete teacher notes, web resources, and downloadable PDF worksheets

All About Chinese Culture Includes literature, geography, mathematics and other activities, geared to older elementary students

Chinese New Year History History, reading and writing activities over the course of three lessons

Internet Field Trip Take your class on a tour of exhibits and resources about Chinese New Year

Lions, Dragons and Nian Animals of the Chinese New Year. Language arts and

Intermediate (Grade 7-Grade 9)

Chinese New Year Activites Lesson plan with great information, resources and several class activities

Chinese Calendar Exhibit A comprehensive explanation of the Chinese calendar

Senior (Grade 10-Grade 12)

Chinese History and Culture Lesson plans from AskAsia.org on Chinese history and culture for use during Chinese New Year

42explore China An amazing teacher resource for all things Chinese. Dozens of suggestions for activities related to all aspects of Chinese history and life. Explore China through its industries, inventions, history, famous people, calendar and more.

General Resources

Chinese New Year Resources Information on history, Chinese astrology, New Years’ traditions

Chinese Name Maker An online tool that creates a Chinese ‘name’ corresponding to the real name. Includes meaning, characters, English spelling and pronunciation. A fun add-on to a lesson on Chinese New Year or Chinese culture

Festival of Lanterns A single lesson on the final day of Chinese New Year for sixth graders

Chinese New Year Resources at Teachervision. Includes references, worksheets, language arts and writing activities and lesson plans.