Its Santa by Judy Brady

Our annual potluck was going to be the usual, a get together with children and parents at our Day Care Centre. Santa would be sure to make an appearance as usual. This year his method of arrival would be spectacular.

In our Centre room there is a skylight that runs the entire width and length. (It’s really huge) At an appointed time we looked up to see him peering down and waving with a big Ho Ho HO for the children.

The looks on the children’s faces was something both parents and teachers will always remember. The children all ran to the preschool room where there was a hatch in the closet that led to the roof. Well, when he descended that ladder they were there to greet him with lots of questions about the reindeer that surely must be right up there on our roof. What a wonderful night, Santa gave out gifts knowing everyone by name (which he does of course) As Santa waved good-bye the children were busy opening gifts and didn’t notice him leaving by the door. This is a Christmas we will not soon forget.