International Walk to School Week, Oct. 3 – 7

Education Minister Madeleine Dub̩ and Intergovernmental and International Relations Minister Percy Mockler, Minister responsible for the Culture and Sport Secretariat, are encouraging New Brunswick students, school employees, parents, and community members to take part in International Walk to School Week, Oct. 3 Р7.

“It is very encouraging to see our youth, together with their friends, parents and school staff, taking such interest in being physically active,” Dubé said. “New Brunswick has had a strong record of participation in International Walk to School Week, and I am hopeful we will match or even exceed our past participation rate.”

One of the key objectives of International Walk to School Week is to increase physical activity among children and to help make a difference in the health of our children. Schools are encouraged to register their activities through the School Communities in ACTION Program, a joint initiative of the Department of Education and the Culture and Sport Secretariat under the Quality Learning Agenda.

“Making sure our children are physically active is a shared responsibility between parents, schools and the community at large,” Mockler said. “With International Walk to School Week, students, together with their parents and school staff, have an excellent opportunity to improve their health through physical activity.”

In 2004, there were 168 New Brunswick schools that participated, a 14 per cent increase over the 147 schools in 2003. The goal in New Brunswick is to surpass last year’s numbers and to have even more children participating.

International Walk to School Week allows schools the choice of a day to celebrate – or even better, students can walk every day of the week. International Walk to School Week is co-ordinated in Canada by Go for Green (, a national, non-profit organization. In New Brunswick, Go for Green works in partnership with individual schools, teachers and parents to organize and promote the annual event.