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  1. From a teacher to an author, and then a publisher for children.

    Ruowen Wang started as a supply teacher in 1988, taught ESL and English for ten years, operated a business for another ten, and now a writer and publisher for children. How did she get into writing and publishing? Please see Ruowen Wang’s personal website at:

    Ruowen Wang created Kevin & Robin Books Ltd., an independent Canadian publisher and bookseller, to provide quality children’s literature that enriches learning, and promotes gender equality and multiculturalism. Kevin & Robin Books Ltd. celebrates excellence in everyone by producing culturally diverse children’s stories that are original, unique and inspiring.

    Books written by Ruowen Wang
    – Reinforce reading and writing skills.
    – Deal with social and cultural issues, and provoke higher-level thinking.
    – Offer humorous touches that make reading fun, and motivate further interest in reading.

    Ruowen’s publishing dream launched with a success. Toronto Public Library and OISE have collected every single title published by Kevin & Robin Books Ltd.. What has made Ruowen’s writing and publishing an instant success? To find out the truth, read Ruowen’s books online: Go to Virtual Books, use “review” as the user’s id, and “abc123” as the password.

    If you are a supply teacher traveling from school to school, and you love quality children’s books, here is something for you: Bring these books to the attention of the school principal and librarian. Yes, you will earn commission. Please email us for more details at

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