Humor, Never Leave Home Without It! by Brenda Bornyk

I work with physically challenged students. Sometimes progress is relatively slow, so we celebrate every victory we can get our hands on. We were working with a student, and made sure we had everything secure in our room. One of the students that is more mobile, noticed that a bottle of hand lotion was within reach. She loves lotion, and the smell in particular. She managed to get the lid off, and when we got to her she was full of lotion from top to bottom. What was so incredible about this was that she was so happy with herself. She was laughing, and smelling the lotion, and rubbing her hands with it. I saw the scene, and began to laugh, and laugh. What struck me was the fact that she acted so appropriately, like a child who had got into trouble, and was going to maximize the opportunity. I was so pleased with her response. It was truly a victory, and I am so glad that I can laugh.


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  1. You know where your children are. Few teachers do, just like few parents do. It is your wisdom in seeing the best in those you teach
    which makes you a great teacher.

    I was a slow learner, “late-bloomer,” still am at 70. Yet I know that you would have been as patient with me as was my mom. That makes you special in my book

    A pastor for 20 years, then an English teacher for a second 20 to slow learners and late-bloomers, now retired and author of two books and preaching twice a month for free to a church that is a slow learner and a late bloomer, I am deeply touched by your story and do not need to wish the Lord’s Blessing upon you. You, not only, are truly blessed already, but your wisdom in this little story tells me that you know it.

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