How To Make a Difference by Marjan Glavac

Marjac Glavac’s new e-book “How to Make A Difference: Inspiring Students To Do Their Best” is especially useful for new teachers. The author provides insights into the art of teaching through a better understanding of your students.

Marjan has won numerous awards in his teaching career The Roberta Bondar Award for Science and Technology, The NORTEL National Institute Award for Excellence in Teaching, The Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics, Science and Technology and the Roy C. Hill Award for Educational Innovation. His is best known for his book “The Busy Educator’s Guide to the World Wide Web.”

This author shares a number of techniques that begin on the first day of school and strategies that will carry you through to the last day. You will learn how to avoid a toxic classroom environment.

The workbook that accompanies this e-book is especially useful providing areas where you can identify the concerns of your classroom, and practicing strategies that will help in your day to day teaching.

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  1. I bought the ebook How to make a difference, and it keeps referring to the workbook. Is that included with the ebook. If it is, I haven’t found it yet. If it is not included, how do I get the workbook?

    Cindy Minnihan

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