Heads Up! by Doug Patriquin

In the late 70’s, I was a student teacher in a junior High School. As the students were coming into the classroom for morning attendance, I sat down at the desk and opened the drawer to take out the registrar for morning attendance. As I sat at my desk, I continued to talk to the students. At the same time, I shut the desk drawer. I did not realize I had shut the end of my tie in the drawer. I went to stand up and the next thing I knew I ended up flat on my face on top of the desk. For a few seconds there wasn’t a sound. Then the whole class erupted into laughter. Embarrassed, but unhurt I had to laugh with them. I remember our student teaching manual stated to use imaginative and inventive ways to get the class attention. Somehow I don’t think this was what our supervisors had in mind. Since that eventful morning, I have always made sure the tie is out of the way when I shut desk drawers.