Groundbreaking Steps Taken in TDSB Commitment to Equity

At the regular Board meeting this evening, the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) approved the recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Student Achievement to collect student demographic data.
The Advisory Committee on Student Achievement, chaired by Harold Brathwaite, former Director of the Peel District School Board, consisted of 20 leaders representing diverse community groups.
To assist the TDSB in meeting its commitment to:

– provide programs and services and allocate resources;
– assess the effectiveness of programs in TDSB schools; and
– remove systemic barriers to student achievement,

the committee recommended that the Board take the groundbreaking step of collecting race and ethnocultural data. It also recommended that, prior to collecting the data, the TDSB work with all its communities to ensure that the data is used to improve opportunities for all students.
“We are pleased with the recommendations that Mr. Brathwaite and his committee have come to us with,” said Sheila Ward, Chair of the TDSB. “The TDSB is committed to looking for solutions to close the achievement gap, and the collection of the data will enable us to develop programs to help all students achieve their full potential.”
“The TDSB has the unique opportunity to use this data to help frame the social policy agenda, addressing educational, socio-economic, and health-related needs of all the children and youth in Toronto,” said Harold Brathwaite, Chair of the Advisory Committee on Student Achievement.
For a full outline of the Board report, Closing the Achievement Gap: Student Data Collection, visit

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