Government of Canada funds ABC Canada Literacy Foundation Project

Ms. Yasmin Ratansi, Member of Parliament for Don Valley East, on behalf of the Honourable Claudette Bradshaw, Minister of State (Human Resources Development), today announced funding of $70,000 to ABC Canada Literacy Foundation for a project that will promote the benefits of increased literacy skills to both workers and businesses. The Government of Canada is funding this project through the National Literacy Secretariat.

“In today’s economy, both business and labour have a stake in fostering a work force with strong literacy skills. While workplace literacy provides a competitive advantage for businesses, it also helps workers develop skills that enable them to have control over their lives. The publication resulting from this project will give Canadian business leaders an opportunity to share their positive experiences,” said Ms. Ratansi.

Under this project, ABC Canada Literacy Foundation will produce a publication entitled Canadian CEO III. It will be the third in a series of business magazines in which well-known Canadian CEOs describe the way increased literacy skills have affected their workers’ lives and improved the bottom line for their organizations. A partnership of business, labour, educators and government, ABC Canada Literacy Foundation is a national charitable organization that promotes literacy to the general public and the private sector by supporting public awareness, promotional and research efforts.

Literacy skills are linked to work skills, health and self-esteem. Higher literacy skills among Canadians enable them to participate more fully in our economy and our society. For instance, literacy skills help determine the kinds of jobs we find, enable parents to read to their children and help us understand technical jargon, allowing us to use tools and equipment safely.

The National Literacy Secretariat works in partnership with provincial and territorial governments, business, labour and the volunteer community. The goal of these partnerships is to increase public awareness of literacy, help people share information, improve access to literacy programs, develop learning materials and advance research on literacy.

Funding for this project was provided for in the February 2005 federal Budget.