Governement Right To Focus On Education

Elementary public school teachers are pleased to see that providing Ontario‘s children with a solid educational base continues to be a priority for the government.

“The government seems to understand that the future prosperity of the province has its roots in a strong public education system,” said Emily Noble president of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO).

“ We recognize and support the premier’s vision of education as fundamental to ensuring a bright future for Ontario.”

Noble added that it is important that the government ensure that there is proper funding to support the rebuilding of public education.

She pointed out that the government has made a number of announcements and commitments – summarized in the speech from the throne – to enhance the quality of public education.

“We will be watching to see how the plans are implemented,” Noble said. “It is important that these commitments become a reality in the classroom. The future of our province does depend on our students’ success.”