Geometers Sketchpad

As teachers we prepare dynamic lessons for students with overheads, posters, videos, and manipulatives. And now we have the development of dynamic geometry software. It has allowed the user to make constructions that maintain its geometrical relationship, so that even if someone drags a point on the screen the geometrical relationship is still defined.

Geometer’s Sketchpad is designed with a few other features, which make it a powerful tool beyond just visual presentation. One useful feature is that it allows users to take various kinds of measurements. One can measure lengths of line segments and arcs, distances between points, angles between lines, polygonal areas, areas of circles and sectors, to name just a few. As the dimensions of objects change when the user drags points and alters shapes and sizes of objects, the values of the measurement update instantly and dynamically, reflecting the changes in the values of measurement. In addition, we can form new expressions as a function of the values obtained from previous measurement.

(Ontario Teachers: This product is licensed for all elementary and secondary schools through OSAPAC)

Good Selection Of Useful Geometer’s Sketchpad Web Resources:
Getting An Evaluation Copy For Home Use:
The Evaluation Copy is very similar to the full-featured program, although you cannot save, print, or export your work.
Key Curriculum Press
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Online Resources To Help Support The Implementation Of GSP:

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