French Second Language Teachers Urged to Participate in National Survey

French Second Language (FSL) teachers have the opportunity to express their needs and describe their working conditions as part of a Canada-wide online survey.

The survey is designed to better understand the perceived needs and working conditions of Core French, French Immersion, Extended French and Intensive French teachers. Results from this survey should provide a clear picture of the situation for FSL teachers across Canada.

download jack and jill vs the world “We are confident that the survey results will lead to the development of an action plan to aid all education partners, in addressing the identified issues and to provide adequate support for Canadian FSL teachers,” states Alina MacFarlane, spokesperson for the Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers (CASLT).

The renewed sense of urgency to improve FSL program outcomes is propelled by the Federal government’s goal of doubling the proportion of bilingual secondary school graduates by the year 2013. Survey results will be used to design initiatives to assist FSL teachers to reach this goal.

The survey consists of two parts. The preliminary questionnaire is directed toward all Canadian FSL teachers. The survey is available online at


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Preliminary survey results will be used to select a sample representative of all types of French teachers from different regions across Canada. Selected FSL teachers will be notified by the end of February and asked to complete the main questionnaire.

dark floors movie download This study is jointly sponsored by the Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers (CASLT), the Canadian Association of Immersion Teachers (CAIT) and the Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF). Funding is provided by the Department of Canadian Heritage.

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