Finding Canadian Teacher Freebies

I have often been asked about how I find so many free resources for educators. I thought I would share with you a resource that I use to help me find those freebies.

Google Toolbar – I often use the toolbar to help me search for freebies by entering in a specific search query for resources that I need. The tool bar is free and handy because I can search Google on any page as well as take advantage of the other features like pop-up blocking and autofill. Auto fill allows you too automatically fill out commonly used information in forms. You can get the toolbar by visiting: A well defined search query for Google can help you save time when searching for a freebie.

You can develop a good query by using Boolean logic. When you create your search query you can use Boolean operator and syntax to create Boolean expressions. I have included short forms for convenience. Boolean Operators AND: chicken AND Soup; chicken +soup Terms on both sides of the operator must be present in the document. OR: chicken OR pork AND soup; chicken OR pork -soup Terms on either side of the operator must be present in the document. AND NOT: chicken AND soup AND NOT book; chicken +soup -book Terms after this operator are excluded from the results. “Using Quotes”: “chicken soup recipe” When you combine words in quotes they must appear directly adjacent to one another and in the phrase order.

Spend a few minutes improving your search skills and save time searching.


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  1. Thank you Kieran! I found this site to be very informative with tons of great ideas for lesson plans!

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