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Dead Poets Society  1989  Rating: PG
An unconventional English teacher in an exclusive New England preparatory school.
Starring: Robin Williams Directed by: Peter Weir 


Mr. Holland's Opus 1995 Rating: PG 
The year is 1965, and Glenn Holland, a composer convinced he is destined to write an historic opus.
Starring: Richard Dreyfuss Directed by: Stephen Herek 


Music of the Heart 1999 Rating: PG 
Roberta Guaspari, a divorced mother who creates a music program in a troubled inner-city school.
Starring: Meryl Streep Directed by: Wes Craven 


Lean On Me 1989 Rating: PG-13 
A tough disciplinarian hired to run the worst school in Paterson, New Jersey.
Starring: Morgan Freeman Directed by: John Avildsen 
Dangerous Minds Rating: PG-13
One teacher's struggle to have a positive effect on her students' lives.
Starring: Michelle Pfeiffer Directed by: John N. Smith 
To Sir With Love 1967 Rating: Not Rated 
A black high school teacher struggles to connect with his classroom of all white British students.
Starring: Sidney Poitier  Directed by: James Clavell 
The Man Without A Face 1993 Rating: PG-13
an unlikely friendship between a reclusive ex-teacher and a 12-year-old fatherless boy. Based on the acclaimed novel by Isabell Holland.
Directed by: Mel Gibson 
October Sky 1999 Rating: PG 
With the inspiration of a school teacher, they persevere and never lose hope in the dreams.
Starring: Laura Dern Directed by: Joe Johnston 
Stand and Deliver 1988 Rating: PG 
A dedicated teacher rescues poor Latino students from delinquency by turning them into math whizs.
Starring: Edward James Olmos Director: Ramon Menendez
The Principal 1987 Rating: R
A down-on-his-luck high school teacher is "promoted" to principal at  a high school where kids major in streetfighting and gang intimidation.
Starring: James Belushi Director: Christopher Cain
 In and Out 1997 Rating: PG-13
A Hollywood star salutes his drama teacher, who is gay. The trouble is that as far as the teacher and his fiancee of three years knows, he isn't gay.
Starring: Kevin Kline Director: Frank Oz
187 1997 Rating: R
A determined Brooklyn high school science teacher heads west for a fresh start.
Starring: Samuel L. Jackson  Director: Kevin Reynolds
The Substitute 1996 Rating: R
A substitute teacher who decides to fight back.
Directed by: Robert Mandel 
Kindergarten Cop 1990 Rating: PG-13
To trap an elusive criminal a veteran cop is forced to go undercover as a pre-school teacher.
Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger Directed by: Ivan Reitman 
Goodbye, Mr. Chips  1969 Rating: G
Follows the teaching career of a Latin professor at an English boys' school.
Starring: Peter O'Toole Directed by: Herbert Ross 
Blackboard Jungle 1955 Rating: Not Rated
White navy veteran Richard Dadier is eager to start a new career as a high school teacher and his military training might come in handy.
Glenn Ford Directed by: Richard Brooks
The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie 1969 Rating: PG 
An inspirational, controversial teacher at an exclusive girls school in Scotland.
Starring: Maggie Smith Directed by: Ronald Neame 
Teachers 1984 Rating: R
Irresponsible high school administrators graduate an illiterate teen, and are confronted with a major lawsuit.
Starring: Nick Nolte Director: Arthur Hiller
The Breakfast Club 1985 Rating: R
Five students from different backgrounds come together in a special detention, learning about each other and forming friendships in the process.
Starring: Emilio Estevez Directed by: John Hughes 
Ferris Bueller's Day Off 1986 Rating: PG-13
Ferris' nemesis, high school principal Ed Rooney, is determined to bring the truants to justice.
Starring: Matthew Broderick Director: John Hughes


Butterfly 1999 Rating: R
Set in the winter of 1936, it tells of the unique relationship between eight year-old Mocho and his kindly teacher, Don Gregorio.
Starring: Fernando Fernan Gomez Director: Jose Luis Cuerda


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