Education Reforms Support Teacher and Student Success


ETFO welcomes provincial government initiatives announced today
Public elementary teachers see many positive changes for the education system in the legislation introduced by the provincial government today.

“Although we have not yet seen the details of the legislation many of the changes the Minister of Education has announced are constructive,” said Emily Noble, president of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO). “They support teachers and will help students succeed.”

Among the positive changes announced today are:

The creation of a more meaningful and supportive mentoring program for new teachers and cancellation of the old Ontario Teacher Qualifying Test.
The addition of two additional professional activity days bringing the total to six per year.

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The streamlining of the teacher performance appraisal process to make it more meaningful for teachers who are being evaluated.

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The addition of six new teacher members to the governing council of the Ontario College of Teachers to make that body a more truly self-governing professional regulatory body.
“We will be monitoring the progress of the legislation and the regulations,” Noble said, “to ensure that the good things we see in this bill come to pass. But we do have concerns about some aspects of this very broad and all-encompassing bill.
“We have concerns about the intent to set education outcomes for students. The government has already set an achievement target for student success on provincial tests. We would not support enshrining in legislation targets that create additional demands on students.

“We also have concerns about the proposed restriction on who is eligible to run for a position on the governing council of the Ontario College of Teachers. Given the Liberal promise to create a truly self-governing OCT, this government should not be unnecessarily disenfranchising certain members of the College,” Noble said.

“ETFO will raise these issues with the minister and we will continue to work with the government to improve public education and promote the success of all our students,” Noble concluded.