EDS Enables Students Worldwide to Experience Virtual Research

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More than 1 million students worldwide will participate in a real-time, educational science and
technology program with leading research scientists as they explore the “Mysteries of Earth and Mars” — The JASON Project’s newest expedition. Using a satellite-based broadcast system and multimedia digital lab developed by EDS (NYSE: EDS), middle school students worldwide will be immersed in the interactive, experience-based learning program of Mars exploration.
The JASON Project, an award-winning, internationally recognized educational program, will expose students to science and exploration through multimedia-enhanced instruction and hands-on activities. This year’s expedition will be broadcast from the National Geographic Society’s studios in Washington, D.C., from January 30 to February 4, 2006. A live webcast will
also be available at http://www.eds.com/jason .
Working with NASA and research and academic institutions, students and teachers will investigate robotic space exploration, compare the geology of Earth and Mars, examine the forces that shaped the Martian surface, and theorize about the types of life that could exist in the extreme conditions of Mars.
“For 17 years, EDS’ technology has enabled millions of kids to experience firsthand the excitement of science and exploration by transforming the classroom into a virtual adventure,” said Steve Schuckenbrock, EDS co-chief operating officer and JASON board member. “The JASON Project is putting research and technology in the hands of young people to help shape the great minds of the future.”
Founded and chaired by the renowned explorer and RMS Titanic discoverer Dr. Robert Ballard, JASON sets the benchmark for experience-based learning through the use of satellite technology, videostream live broadcasts and an online curriculum that enables students and teachers to become virtual members of the scientific expedition team. As with every JASON expedition, participating schools will feature live broadcasts (powered by EDS) with
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interactive Q&A from Ballard, his team of researchers, and student Argonauts in different locations worldwide.
“Without the technology backbone EDS provides JASON, we wouldn’t be able to connect students with leading scientists and take them on exciting learning adventures,” said Ballard. “EDS technology is the delivery system by which JASON dispenses the tools and standards-based resources to help teachers meet the demands of 21st century education. A founding partner of JASON, EDS continues to help us develop cutting-edge classroom technology that will bring the thrill of discovery to more students and teachers.”
For the “Mysteries of Earth and Mars” expedition, EDS brings an added dimension to its digital lab with involvement from the EDS Virtual Reality team and NASA experts. By combining technology, 3-D capabilities and multimedia, students, teachers and scientists will be able to realistically experience the launching of a rocket to Mars and the use of Newton’s laws of
motion to control satellites and determine how and when to use solar panels.

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