Ecole Emilie-Tremblay Fireballs & Burn Up Cabin Fever


Students in Grades 1 – 6 at Ecole Emilie-Tremblay are taking part in a fun and intensive year-round physical education program geared to increase students’ fitness levels and boost their attention spans in the classroom.

“Our ‘Boules de feu’ or ‘Fireballs’ program at Ecole Emilie-Tremblay helps keep our students in top shape during the winter months – the program also helps to reduce cabin fever,” principal at Ecole Emilie-Tremblay, said. “Studies show that an active body inspires an active mind and we are certainly seeing those benefits with the Fireballs program at our school.”

Teachers and students at Ecole Emilie-Tremblay began the Fireballs program in the fall with jogging twice a week and, with the coming of winter, they transitioned to winter sports such as skiing to keep activity levels up. These sports activities are complemented with regularly scheduled physical education instruction.

“I commend Ecole Emilie-Tremblay and all of our other schools that work hard to incorporate active living into the curriculum,” Education Minister John Edzerza said. “Health is an important component of lifelong learning.”

definitely maybe dvdrip “We find that the students are really getting into top physical shape and they are also focusing more on their studies through the Fireballs program,” Saint Onge said.

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