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These tools were made to save teachers time and money! Stop paying for all those reproducible forms and worksheets that are out there. Share what we already have made and stop reinventing the wheel. You can help us by submitting your own forms, letters, and reproducible materials and by visiting the sponsors on the bottom right of each page.

This section has a wide selection of ebooks and interactive PDF forms for use in your classroom. These PDF’s require Adobe Acrobat Reader 5 or later (free) to enter data right into the PDF document.

You can also save these PDF’s on your hard drive. You will find Interactive Passes Forms, Interactive Calendars By Month Forms, Interactive Binder Spine Labels and much more.

You can download these documents and they can be reproduced for classroom use only. Any other reproduction requires the permission of TheCanadianTeacher.com – contact webmaster(AT)thecanadianteacher.com

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Free Software – Download free classroom software.

Teacher eBooks – Download and print ebooks geared to classroom teachers.

Organization – Templates to help organize your teaching tasks.

Behaviour Management – Templates dealing with behavior management.

Classroom Management – Templates dealing with classroom management.

Graphic Organizers – A variety fo graphic organizer templates with a concentration on English.

Individualized Education Plan (IEP) – Templates to help you prepare for those IEP’s.

Awards and Certificates – A growing selection of awards and certificates, just fill out and print, that’s it.

Paper Templates – Hard to find page templates from graph paper to iso-dots, ready to print.

Printable Calendars and Timetables – These templates help you keep track of your days, weeks and months.

School and Classroom Passes

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– A wide variety of passes that you can quickly fill out and use.

Goal Setting – Templates for goal setting.

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