Creating Online Calendars

How To Enroll:
Use your web browser and visit. Select “Create Free Calendar” on the center menu. Complete the form. Select “Yes, I Accept the Terms. Please Create my Calendar” Complete the form. Make your calendar name something easy to remember. Select “Create.”

Calendar Administration:
You can adjust many properties of your calendar on this screen. Be sure to set the security for your calendar.

You will need to create a user id and password for each option that you want secured. You might want only yourself to edit the administration settings and edit/delete entries, while giving students another user id and password to add new entries You should leave the last option”Viewing” to “Anyone can View this calendar.”Select “Save”when you are done. Add-Ins: These are file that contain pre-defined events which you can include on your calendar. Select Canadian Holidays. Select “Save.”

Creating Calendar Events:
Select view/edit Calendar. Anyone can now visit your calendar at Add events to your calendar by clicking on the desired date. You might be prompted for your user id and password. Enter the text you would like to appear on the calendar. This should be quite short. You can also include popup text or a url. So when the calendar text is clicked more information appears in a popup window. Select Submit. To delete an event select the date of the event and then select the scissors beside the event to delete it.

Your online calendar can be viewed at:

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