Classroom Teacher by J. White

Each week in our Grade One class we give the students a spelling test of words from our chart stories and/or Dolch list. On Mondays we give a pretest, work with the words (word families, beginnings, endings, etc.) during the week and have a final test on Fridays.

At the beginning of this year, one little boy went home to inform his parents that his class had had a ‘protest’ that day. Of course his mother was concerned about children in primary school being involved in protests so asked him what the protest was all about. The young boy responded ‘spelling’ to which his mother surpressed her laughter while picturing the children pounding their desks and chanting “No more spelling!”. For Christmas, this parent presented my teacher partner and myself a framed cartoon sketching of a class of students with picket signs with the caption ‘Grade One (pretest stroked out) Protest’!