Child Care Announcement Still Falls Short Without Provincial Funding Dollars

The Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario welcomes the news that the new Minister of Children and Youth Services, Mary Ann Chambers, is committed to following through on their commitment to the expansion of early learning and care programs in Ontario ( . In particular, her announcement on wage improvements for child care workers and plans for the proposed College of Early Childhood Educators as an accountability and quality measure, is reassuring.

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“It is a beginning. However, the lack of investment from provincial coffers can jeopardize this plan. This sector has long been under funded and the workforce is in crisis. The $106 million dollars over three years for wage improvement will hardly make a dent in the salaries of child care workers. There are more than 40,000 child care workers in licensed settings across Ontario. That translates to less than $75 a month for each worker. We need provincial dollars to enhance this commitment” says Eduarda Sousa, Executive Director of the AECEO.

The AECEO is therefore urging the provincial government to demonstrate their commitment by investing their own money towards the improvement and expansion of early learning and care.