Canada’s Largest Union Gives B.C. Teachers its Full Support

Paul Moist, the national president of Canada’s largest union, urged British Columbia’s striking teachers to stay strong and keep standing up to the school bullies in Premier Gordon Campbell’s
“Standing up to bullies and fighting for respect and fairness is a lesson that we all can learn from,” said Moist. “CUPE is proud to stand with teachers because protecting collective bargaining is our fight, too.”
Moist joined thousands of striking teachers and their CUPE supporters at mass rallies today in Surrey and Vancouver, blasting the B.C. government for its strong-arm tactics.
“We deplore the disrespect and arrogance of the Campbell government and will not tolerate its assault on workers’ rights to free and fair collective bargaining,” said Moist.
Today’s rallies in B.C.’s Lower Mainland capped a week of action in communities across the province. CUPE members who work in municipalities, libraries, universities and colleges, recreation and other areas have been walking off the job in “tools down” protests in support of teachers and the right of all workers to bargain collectively.
CUPE member mobilization has been building since teachers walked off the job Oct. 7 to protest a contract that the province wanted to legislate on them. CUPE school board workers immediately bolstered teachers’ resolve by honouring their picket lines. They were soon joined by thousands of CUPE workers in other sectors.