BCTF Supports Human Rights Complaint

Jinny Sims, B.C. Teachers’ Federation president, has expressed the support of the BCTF for the human rights complaint filed by Peter and Murray Corren against the Ministry of Education. The Correns’ complaint alleges the ministry has failed to make the B.C. curriculum inclusive of positive and accurate portrayals of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered students and same-sex families.

Sims said, “We agree with the Correns’ complaint. The ministry of education has not adequately addressed sexual minority issues in any fashion. It would not be an exaggeration to say that they have, in fact, ignored the issue and have consistently tried to sweep it under the carpet. The fact is, the B.C. curriculum is not reflective of the diverse nature of our communities especially with regard to matters of homophobia and discrimination against sexual minorities.”

“Teachers know that homophobic bullying remains one of the most persistent problems in schools and on school grounds. If the Correns’ complaint leads to the development of curriculum that will assist teachers in their efforts to provide accurate and positive portrayals of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered students and same-sex families it will have done a great deal to make our communities safe and inclusive for all our children.”


One Reply to “BCTF Supports Human Rights Complaint”

  1. Jinny Sims is off the beaten track as usual..pushing a homosexual agenda on schools is against human rights, the right of heterosexual freedom of speech or action to withdraw parents children from attending classes that teach that homosexuality behaviour is normal when it isn’t..never did we see such disgusting actions coming from our provinces teachers..not all are of such thought thank the Lord! No wonder private schools are on the increase that teach reading, writing, math, history, to love God and yes to love those who haven’t come to the knowledge of God and repented of their sins. Canada is falling apart at the seams. Lord have mercy.

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