Alternatives To Teaching

I wanted to highlight some different career paths for aspiring teachers.  The entrance requirements to Teacher’s College show no signs of loosening. In addition, the number of positions available is still well short of the market.

According to Macleans, the unemployment rate is off the charts.

Few other graduates in Canada have as much reason for pessimism as those who finished teacher’s college this spring. A study from the Ontario College of Teachers shows that two-thirds (67 per cent) of education graduates from Ontario’s class of 2009 found themselves unemployed or underemployed in the following year. And, the unemployment rate among new teachers has exploded to a staggering 24 per cent — up from just three per cent in 2006.

If you are having second thoughts about entering the crowded teaching field, here are some other options:

Teaching English Overseas

The salaries in Korea and Japan can be comparable to other entry level jobs. You gain some experience and enjoy some travels. I view this as a stop gap measure and not a permanent career path.


One profession that has a shortage of workers is the accounting profession.  You would have to take the CPA exam and you need requisite experience in order to acquire the license.


I do not recommend the legal profession as the number of job vacancies is staggeringly low.  A lot of millennials feel shut out of the legal market.