Advisory Committee Will Promote First In the Family Postsecondary Opportunities

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The McGuinty government is giving students greater opportunities to be the first in their family to attend college or university, Chris Bentley, Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities,
announced today.
“We are determined to strengthen Ontario’s economic advantage by strengthening the education and skills of our people,” Bentley said prior to a meeting of the postsecondary education advisory committee for first generation students. “We are working with community leaders, educators, and business representatives to help those students who are striving to become the first in their family to seek a postsecondary education.”
Students whose parents did not participate in postsecondary studies, face barriers to accessing studies at university or college, or an apprenticeship. These can include insufficient information about the benefits of postsecondary education and training, as well as lack of role models, expectations, confidence and resources.
In addition to the advisory committee announced today, the government has also created advisory committees to improve access to postsecondary education for francophones, persons with disabilities and Aboriginal peoples. To support the work of the committees, the government is investing $10.2 million this year- rising to $55 million by 2009- to help postsecondary institutions improve access to opportunities for these students.

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“Improving access to postsecondary education is one way our government is helping to build a highly skilled and educated workforce,” said Premier Dalton McGuinty. “It’s part of our plan to foster opportunity and to help ensure that every Ontarian has a fair shot at success.”

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“Access to postsecondary education is a building block of a just society, and a critical component of a competitive economy,” said Scott Courtice, Executive Director of the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance. “We hope this initiative will lead to expanded opportunities for individuals, and build a stronger and more prosperous province to the benefit of all Ontarians.”
The creation of the postsecondary education advisory committee for first generation students is part of Reaching Higher: The McGuinty Government Plan for Postsecondary Education, which was unveiled in the 2005 Budget. Through the plan, the government will invest $6.2 billion more in postsecondary education and training over the next five years- the single largest infusion of funds in the sector in 40 years.
“Ontario’s progress has long been fueled by each generation’s desire to see the next generation go farther,” Bentley said. “Working together, we will encourage students to climb the ladder of opportunity and strengthen economic growth and prosperity.”

2 Replies to “Advisory Committee Will Promote First In the Family Postsecondary Opportunities”

  1. Try this instead:

    Create the Registered Sweat-Equity Plan, a loyalty “frequent flyer” program for youth so they can build-a-bursary for post-secondary education.

    Youth commit to and provide volunteer service hours in social institutions, which are tracked, accumulated, valuated and ultimately applied against PSE tuition.

    Youth volunteers starting in Grade 7, a few hours/week in reading and ESL support, could make a huge difference to reinforce what professionals work hard to deliver.

    What about parent volunteers, especially in elementary schools, collecting loyalty points for their children’s future education?

    This program could be funded jointly by the federal and provincial governments (perhaps incorporated into transfer payments like education, health, immigration), and delivered locally. Precedents for tax treatment exist, and currently joint fed/prov projects through Canada Millenium Scholarship Foundation are examining attraction and retention of PSE students: STAR at UofT,Mississauga and Future to Discover in New Brunswick which offers up to $8,000 savings plan to successful students.

    E-mail me for MS-Word doc: Idea preamble (1-page) and program outline (3-pages).

    This Registered Sweat-Equity Plan could be a useful tool to empower youth and give them hope for the future. I am vetting this idea around to ask its merit? Suggestions? Where to go with it? to see if some version of it can come to fruition.

    A pilot project for Registered Sweat-Equity Program is already evident in Toronto, by connecting these dots:
    1. the expressed Jan 13/06 Conservative Party of Canada platform of integrity, family, respect for work, achievement and commitment.
    2. an opportunity for federal/provincial government programs to substantively respond to Toronto specifically and urban areas generally (also Vancouver and Montreal), especially through ESL support
    3. existing federal/provincial pilot projects to examine and foster PSE access and retention: STAR program at UTM, and Future to Discover in New Brunswick.
    4. to support efforts of the Toronto District School Board to create education/community hubs in high-needs areas of Toronto: Schools for Inner City Task Force Report May 2005

    Catherine Soplet
    Executive Director, Quality of Life
    (otherwise known as Mother and Wife)
    The Soplet family …..

    Mother of 3 Special-Ed children, Gifted
    Guardian of 1 Special-Ed Child, LD
    PofA , provider for 1 disabled (deaf/low IQ)
    PofA for 1 elder Alzheimer in LTC
    Wedded Wife to 1 Husband (a salaried employee taxed to the max)

  2. The McGuinty government is giving greater opportunity to students to be the first in their family to have post secondary education by investing 55 million dollars by 2009 to post secondary institutions in order that they can provide access advisment. Wow. Can you tell me, will you provide funding or financial support for the children of First Generation parents, who want to attend post secondary education? I believe it was a matter of affordability in most cases that disqualified many first generation parents from pursuing post secondary education. Secondly, do post secondary educational institutions apply for this generous financial support. As I have yet to hear of such an initiative at our local college.

    Hope to hear from you. A first generation, tax paying parent.

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