ABAB by Lori Klus

I was teaching a unit on patterning to my grade one class. As most teachers, we try many techniques and activities to bring together the new learning. I was nearing the end of the unit when I was away one day, at school the next, away the next day and back to school again. When I did come to school the following day, one of my students said, “Miss Klus, you were away like an ABAB pattern”. These kids are clever!


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  1. Dear Lori’

    My name is Sonia Hill nee KLus I am reseaching my family tree and recently came across cousins in Canada Your name came up in a seach and I’m wondering if you are related?
    My Dad Turko Klus was born in poland in 1915 He came as a displaced person to Australia in 1949 He had a brother Ivan and two sisters Anne And Mary I hope you don’t mind me sendng amessage this way
    Sonia Hill

  2. Hi Sonia

    You might find this disturbing, or interesting, or maybe we are family too. . .

    My name is Sonia Hill. . .

    I’m at work – bored – searching the web – that’s what bored people do, and I came accross your webpage. . .

    I am a paramedic, I work for Netcare911, the biggest ambulance service in South Africa. . .

    So, here’s my close family tree:

    Grandfather: Hillary James Hill – and his 3 children. . .
    My father: Clinton Hill
    My Aunt: Jeanette Hill (Now Kruger)
    My Uncle: Frederic Hill

    I don’t think we are related but you never know. . .

    It was just nice letting you know that there is someone in South Africa sharing the same name as you!

    Good luck and enjoy your research!!

    Regards. . .

    Sonia Hill

  3. Dear Lori:
    I don’t know if I fit into your inquire, My name is gail Dell Aleksijuk and I am the granddaughter of Mike and anne turko in Canada. I am just one of many turko relations that are help to build and complete a family tree.
    Maybe you are a part of a tree that is is growing
    best regards

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