A Teacher Is Like An Elastic Band

I hold together a group – a human group, providing cohesion and unity and security;

I must stretch to encompass all, having room for everyone, never showing the strain of being stretched too far;

I must twist and contort to accommodate my student’s views, opinions and thoughts, never letting my own judgments and limitations hinder their spirits to soar;

I must shoot across the room, Be Here, Be There, ricocheting from student to student;

everything to everyone;

I must be flexible, adoptable, versatile.

I must be willing to let go of all that I have held and felt a familiarity with;

And warp around, in total acceptance, a new group, perhaps very different from the last, but just as special, just as precious;

I am often taken for granted, sometimes thrown aside;

But in times of need or crisis, a quick search, and I am there;

Trustworthy, reliable; always willing to help.

Sometimes I am stretched too far and I cannot hold on. I snap;

Languid and broken, I mend myself, joining the broken ends together;

Not quite the same as what I was before, perhaps a little wiser about how much to take on;

but once again, ready to hold, support, and gather in Community.

-Andrea Tapp